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frozen dessert that protects and strengthens


Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission at Guardian Angel Dessert Co is to reconnect the emotional nostalgia of delicious desserts, while providing the body with nutrients that protect, defend and strengthen the immune system. Also known as “Delicious Defense”.

Delicious Defense

delicious defense

delete the devils

NO: Dairy, Gluten, Grains, Soy, Pea/Whey Protein, High Sugar, HFCS, Artificial Colors or Dyes, Artificial Flavors, Sugar Alcohols, Stevia, Artificial Sweeteners. 

add the angels

YES: Coconut Milk Base, Keto and Paleo Friendly, Multi-Collagen Protein, Bioavailable Vitamin C, Bone Broth Protein, Probiotics, MCT Oil, Allulose, Monk Fruit, Essential Oils, All Natural Colors (from fruit/vegetables).


What Is Allulose?

According to – Allulose is a rare sugar with the same chemical formula as fructose.

Because it isn’t metabolized by the body, it does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels and provides minimal calories.

It has been found to lower blood sugar levels, increase insulin sensitivity

It may increase fat burning and help prevent obesity.

What's so special?

Guardian Angel Dessert Co provides a unique outlook on everyone’s favorite part of a meal or snack – DESSERT! Our Delicious Defense philosophy combines the best of healthy nutrition and nostalgic treats into a delightful frozen dessert that tastes amazing!!!

This innovative indulgence tastes just like amazing ice cream, but is made to truly optimize your performance in every way. We have taken the common inflammatory and toxic ingredients out to protect you, while also adding ingredients AND supplements that actually support the body and immune system.


In comparison to “normal” ice cream or other frozen desserts, we use clean protein, allulose, and monk fruit. GADC keeps the calories and glycemic spikes to a minimum while providing a dense nutrient profile to make the calories much more attractive to the mind and body.

When calculating net carbs, allulose is subtracted from total carbohydrates because it is not metabolized and therefore causes no increase in blood glucose or blood insulin levels (International Food Information Council).


Usually healthy desserts taste like cardboard. That’s not the case with us. All your senses will tell you this is a delicious and creamy “ice cream”, but it’s not… It’s loaded with nutrients and ingredients designed to protect and strengthen your mind and body. The coconut milk brings a light, fluffy texture with a creamy, decadent mouthfeel and a mastery of flavor found in each and every bite.

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Our latest news

Our Latest News

We believe in whole body health, which is so much more than ice cream.  This includes physical, mental, and spiritual health!

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