Andy Neale

Andy's Story

Andy’s Story

Rock and Roll…That is what inspired Co-Founder Andy Neale to move to Nashville. After touring around the country with his bass guitar on his back, Music City seemed like a logical choice. However, after years of touring and even forming his own band, Manic Bloom, life took an unexpected turn with mind- and body-altering health challenges. Autoimmune disease struck heavy in many physical manifestations (eczema, arthritis, endocrine and lymphatic disruption, extreme weight loss and insomnia, loss of use of his hands) that prevented him not only from continuing his music career, but so much so that he was unable to fulfill duties at home, keep up with his business clients, and worst of all, hold his newborn son properly like a father should.

After over 2 years of increased intensity and an extremely difficult band practice, with bloodied hands, bass, and car steering wheel, he cried out to God to take away the pain and bring supernatural wisdom on how to turn the daily horror show around. He made a self-proclaimed promise that if he could find the path to healing, he would dedicate all his effort to help others find hope in physical healing and spiritual salvation. Soon after, he was introduced to functional and integrative medical practices that did in fact start to turn the tide back to healthy mind, body, and spirit. With this newfound health and vitality, Andy took the same passion he had for music and poured it into natural health. He worked for several years with innovative and forefront leaders in holistic wellness, including Dr. Josh Axe + Jordan Rubin, co-founders for Ancient Nutrition.

The same persistence that Andy had in researching any and every possible way to find healing during those tough years shifted to finding the tastiest and most beneficial ingredients to create optimized versions of everyones favorite foods + treats. When he came up empty on finding things that were “healthy AND delicious,” Guardian Angel Dessert Co was born.

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